FATE Aspects

This page provides Example Aspects to help you get ideas for creating your own.

The canon character Aspects listed are not meant to be definitive; but merely as starting points and examples.

Han Solo

  1. High Concept: Scoundrel with a Heart of Gold
  2. Trouble: Jabba Has a Price On My Head
  3. Background: Corellian Smuggler Captain
  4. Rising Conflict: I’ve had some Imperial Entanglements
  5. Fancies Himself Charming
  6. I’ll Risk Everything To Save A Friend
  7. The Millenium Falcon is my baby

Darth Vader

  1. High Concept: Dark Lord of the Sith
  2. Trouble: More Machine Now Than Man
  3. Background: Deep Seated Family Issues
  4. Rising Conflict: I Must Have Order… Mine.
  5. Deadly on the Attack
  6. Temper temper
  7. There is still good in me

FATE Aspects

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