Dex Diner Menu

Dex’s Diner

“The Best Eats in the CoCo Town streets!”

All Items Served All Day


Dex, owner and boss!

2c Tritacale Gruel

  • Hot bowl of ground tritacale in blue milk; perfect comfort food for a cold morning.
  • Blatberry jam, carbosyrup, and blue butter available by request.

4c Spacer’s Breakfast

  • Toasted algae bread slices, pan fried MDFB, and Gartro eggs
  • Eggs available pickled, boiled, poached, sunny, flipped, or scrambled

5c Fruits in Yogurt

  • A favorite among the healthy minded! Fruits and berries in season, sliced and served in blue yogurt.

5c Dantooine Flapjacks

  • Short stack of flapjacks like mama used to make.
  • Served with MDFB patties, blue butter, blatberry jam or warm carbosyrup.
  • 2c Addon = Upgrade to a full stack of flapjacks

6c Smothered Eggs

  • Poached Gartro eggs on toasted algae bread smothered in Dex’s Special Sauce.
  • 1c Addon = Add pan fried MDFB patties


3c Dex’s Slider

  • Medium density food board never tasted so good! Sliced, perforated, and grilled to perfection. Served on toasted algae bread with Dex’s Special Sauce and a side order of crispic.
  • 1c Addon = Add Corellian Cheese (Byss or Neonan Red for 1c more)

Our lovely head waitress, Ms. Hermione Bagwa - a Coruscant native through and through.

5c CoCo Salad

  • Keep your Twi’lek dancer’s figure! Chopped kibla greens, yot beans, sliced boiled gartro eggs, sliced munch-fungus, and Corellian Cheese tossed and served with blue dressing.
  • Algae breadcrumb crutons, MDFB bits, and salted vweilu nuts available as garnish by request.
  • 1c Addon = Goatgrass
  • 1c Addon = Byss or Neonan Red cheese (your choice) instead of Corellian
  • 2c Addon = Add sliced grilled MDFB

5c Cream of Fleek Eel

  • Sometimes nothing beats a big bowl of hot soup. Served with crackers.
  • 2c = Just a cup instead of a full bowl

6c Nerfburger

  • The old standby. Served on toasted algae bread and a side order of crispic.
  • 1c Addon = Add Corellian Cheese (Byss or Neonan Red for 1c more)

7c Nerfstrips

  • Strips of nerf, battered and fried, served with mashed Corellian potatoes, slices of toasted algae bread, and blue pepper gravy for dipping.

9c Fried Nerfsteak

  • Battered and fried, served with blue pepper gravy, mashed Corellian potatoes and yot beans.
  • 1c Addon = Substitute butter seared munch-fungus instead of the potatoes or yot beans.


Hermione makes the desserts, one of her originals.

1c Donuts

  • Fried, round, and glazed Zeltron style… everybody loves Donuts! Our very own donut droid churns them out fresh all day. 3 per order.

3c Frozen Cream

  • Frozen sweet cream served with your choice of berries or carbosyrup

3c Iceberg

  • Tall glass of Skoa (or fizzy drink of your choice) and a scoop of Frozen Cream.

4c Pie of the Day

  • Look over at the pie display on the bar near the kitchen, that’s the pie of the day.
  • Favorites include: Blatberry, Custard, Dricklefruit, Pikata, Zoochberry, etc.
  • 1c Addon = Add a scoop of Frozen Cream

4c Cake of the Day

  • See the display over by the pies? That’s the cake of the day.
  • Favorites include: Corellian Air Cake, Citros Snow, Dew, Parwan Nutricake, Pyollian, Ryshcate, etc.

Hot Drinks

  • Free Stimcaf
    • Free if your order food, 1 cred for a pot otherwise
  • 1c Anoat Malted
    • Served with crackers of course!
  • 1c Caf
    • Authentic Garqi bean caf!
  • 2c Ebla Water
  • 2c Essences and Teas
    • Chandrilan herb, Gwethh, Misti, Naris-bud, Orotay, Pepper, Snig, Tanque
  • 3c Aitha Protein Drink

Flo, our favorite service droid

Hard Drinks

  • 2c Cold Cans
    • Just the cure; first thing in the morning, for last night’s hangover!
    • Chagarian Ale, Corellian Ale, Nectar Wine (not from Nepoy)
  • 2c Jawa Juice
    • This is real Ardees Beverage Company Jawa Juice, not the fake stuff.
  • 3c Juri Juice
    • Rodians may hate it, but everyone else loves it!
  • 3c Weg’s Brew
    • We are an importer of Weg’s!

Soft Drinks

  • 1c Blue Milk
  • 2c Fizzy Drinks
    • Fizzy-Bip, Fizz-pop, Friz, Phizz, Skoa, Turbofizz
  • 2c Leena
  • 2c Vitawater
  • 3c Aquilie Water
  • 3c Juice
    • Blatberry, Kothtri, Muja, Pawei, Ruby Bliel, Zoochberry

Dex's Diner in CoCo Town, the original

Dex’s Gift Shop

10c Dex’s Pickled Gartro Eggs

  • 1 jar, approx 1 dozen eggs. Nobody makes Pickled Gartro Eggs like Dex. Nobody.

15c Dex’s Number 1 Special

  • The classic Dex’s combo; a Slider, crispic, slice of pie, and a Jawa Juice vacc sealed in a Dex’s Diner souvenir box for transit. Will keep for up to 2-3 days (or longer in cold storage)!

15c Dex’s Special Sauce

  • 1 liter. We know you’ll hyperspace all the way to Coruscant for it. It’s worth it.

Some of you hardcore Star Wars lore fans will get a kick out of how much of this menu is based on EU canon stuff. I had fun researching, compiling & writing it.

This menu serves as my “typical spacer food” for generic space station grub or backwaters. The page I worked up for the Olys Corellisi Menu is for slightly nicer places (a true restaurant or NPC meeting place worthy location).

Dex Diner Menu

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