Litha Verdan


When she dressed as a Handmaiden to the Queen, Litha was practically indistinguishable to the casual observer from her fellow handmaidens. Her heart-shaped face, pointed chin, high cheekbones and wide, dark lashed green eyes match eerily with the four other girls as they stood together behind their Queen. Now, as the sole bodyguard, she is often overlooked as she stands behind the splendor of the former Queen. Alone, however, Litha is of average height at 5’ 5", with lightly tanned skin, long red-gold hair and brilliantly green eyes. She is slender but obviously athletic and graceful in her movements. Her preferred mode of dress, when not playing the part of a bodyguard or decoy, is very practical and simple, usually in well-cared for jump armor with her blaster pistols strapped to her hips.


Current Duties

Personal bodyguard of Leeza Damolan (a high ranking member of the Rebel’s secret diplomatic spy network under Bail Organa). When not conducting missions directly related to her primary duties, Litha serves as a Rebel Commando, especially ship-to-ship space operations where zero-gravity combat or skills are needed.


Litha’s childhood was fairly normal as Nabooian middle class. Her father was a librarian and her mother worked as a clerk for the city. She grew up playing happily with her siblings, with the occasional fuss, but over all it was a well-balanced, fairly harmonious family.

When Litha was twelve, her family was called because of Litha’s similar general appearance to a young lady who just entered Naboo’s Acadamie Politica. Her family was ecstatic for this opportunity for their daughter, as the Academie Politica was known galactically for the quality of education, and the quality of the alumni graduating from that school.

Initially there were six other girls who entered along with her. The first to leave was Steria, who simply did not mesh with the rest of the handmaidens.

Raslina was the second to leave, and she left soon after Queen Apailana’s death. Raslina believed strongly that the Empire was unjust in their judgment against Queen Apailana and disagreed with the Empire in regards to the Jedi. Raslina’s whereabouts are unknown.

Cleana died mysteriously three years ago. The only thing Litha could discover was that Cleana was suspected by the Empire for aiding the treasonous Jedi; however, on all Imperial documents, Cleana is simply listed as a “missing person.”

Melana stayed with the Queen until she was deposed, after which she returned to the Academie to teach martial arts to the students.

Foliza was with the Queen until the end, after which she became an assistant to the Senator of Naboo.

Trina was also with the Queen until she was deposed. However, Litha suspects very strongly that Trina was working with the Empire and informing on Leeza about the doubts the young Queen was having. Unfortunately, Litha was never able to get concrete evidence, and though she delicately tried to feel Trina out, Trina never admitted anything.

Since Leeza’s deposition as Queen of Naboo, Litha has been determined to stay by her side. With some gentle influence, Litha has pushed Leeza towards resistance to the Empire, as Litha firmly believes that the things the Empire has done to ensure security are not worth the heavy price that Naboo has paid. She realizes that most other Nabooians do not agree with her viewpoint. This has caused her to keep a very low profile regarding her thoughts, especially from the other former handmaidens, although she does trust Melana to a certain degree still.

When the opportunity came to research what has happened between the Empire and the remaining worlds that comprise the Senate, Litha leapt.

Litha Verdan

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