Star Wars: Fate of the Phoenix

HoloNet News 29.02.18
Headlines compiled by Cpl. Pelt, same day.
  • Pooja Naberrie, niece of former Queen Amidala, succeeds Senator Binks as Senator of Naboo. At the age of 20, she is the youngest Naboo to hold the position.
  • The Imperial Academy announces the date and location of graduation ceremonies. Cadet Han Solo is expected to graduate with honors at the top of his class.
  • The Imperial Carrack class light cruiser Dominant was launched today amid mild fanfare and heads for its initial theater of operations in Bakura.
  • A minor alien riot outside the human occupied Blue Deck area of the Sel Zonn station is put down by Imperial Stormtroopers. Sel Zonn station is an old XQ 2 Space Platform in the Brentaal system.
This is the first post of the campaign. I mainly put this up here just to test out the header and in order for the adventure log to at least have “something” on it. I am going to use this post to refine how I plan to do GM updates, HoloNet news flashes, etc.

Wookieepedia Factor

Knowledge (Int): Galatic Lore

  • DC 15 Bakura (Trained only)
  • DC 15 Brentaal
  • Freebies: Naboo (major planet in recent history), Imperial Academy (it’s omnipresent to galactic life)

Knowledge (Int): People

  • Freebies: Queen Amidala, Senator Binks (both major figures in recent history)

Knowledge (Int): Technology

  • DC 20 Carrack Light Cruiser (Trained only)
  • DC 15 XQ2 Space Platform (Trained only)

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